Anime Challenge Day 4: Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

Hey everyone!

Not going to lie, I almost skipped this one; there just wasn’t an anime that stood out to me that I was ashamed I enjoyed, but then it hit me…Ghost Hunt. No, this isn’t some strange perverted anime or anything; it’s just…not that good . I am in no way an anime reviewer, but the English voice acting was disastrous, the characters had no substance to them, and the plot was just random as hell; yet here I am letting you all know I enjoyed every moment of it.ghost-hunt-oHonestly, I think it was the terrible voice acting and random storyline that made it enjoyable, because it was the only thing you could poke fun at. Mix in me and my sister at 3 in the morning with it and it was one hell of a party. Each episode we were like, “this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen…but it’s great?!” I mean come on, listen to the first 15 seconds of this video and tell me you didn’t laugh.

GO AWAY JOHN. I can’t forgive you for butchering a beautiful Australian accent.


4 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 4: Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

    1. BWHAHAAH just love the way he tries to drawl his syllables but gets sick of it and starts speeding up mid sentence, such a mess.

      “G’day mates, the name’s John Brown and I come from the great outback of Australia” oh gosh :’) Every self respecting Australian knows to call our country ‘Stralia’ 😛

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  1. Right?? I was like damn I’m not even Australian but there’s no way that’s right. & now that you say that I realize every person I’ve talked to from Australia says ” ‘Stralia” lol, I love cool unspoken rules x)


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