Lita Kino Anime Reviews & The Anime Analyst Nominated Me For The WakuWafu Award!

Ah, that was a long title.

Hey everyone!

I want to say thank you to Lita Kino Anime Reviews and The Anime Analyst for nominating me for this award. Lita’s blog has introduced me to quite a few series (all which were great) and The Anime Analyst has also reviewed great series and talks about all things anime on his blog, so definitely check them both out!


  • Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Choose any 3 things you would like to say about yourself to your fellow bloggers.
  • Think up 3 questions you would like to ask the people you nominate.
  • Give one piece of advice to your fellow bloggers.
  • Make sure to tell us over here that you have been nominated (and/ or completed the award) so that we can put your blog up on the WakuWafu page! Make sure to put down your blog in the comments section!anime-wave                                                        Questions 
    1. Why did you start blogging?
      I don’t have that many friends that have the same interests as me and really wanted to connect with people that did! I also had a lot to say and rant about concerning University, adulthood and whatnot and figured this would be a great place to share it.
    2. If you were making a time capsule, what anime would you preserve for the people who opened it?
      Pokemon. Everyone needs Pokemon in their life no matter the year; though, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an issue anytime soon. #AshIsImmortal
    3. Where would you go if you could be anywhere in existence?
      Somewhere that gets nice and cold during the fall/winter and stays cool in the summer. I’m not picky so somewhere up north, Florida’s heat will be the death of me 😦tumblr_n5ne0dvxkO1qfxxzto2_500
       Three Things To Know About Me
      1. I live in Florida but go to the beach about once a year…and when I do go it’s usually at night for a bonfire or something x)2. I despise horror films. Anything that’s scary in the least bit is a no-no for me, yet for some reason I love horror anime; it’s very strange.

      3. I’ve recently become obsessed with crafting and now have a growing collection of resin charms with cute stickers in them.   giphy My Piece of Advice
      It’s okay to not go the traditional or “safe” route. If something makes you happy and you’re passionate about it, pursue it; sometimes it’s the passion that gets you there, not the certificates and degrees.

      Blogs I Nominate
      Kuro Sama Reviews
      Otaku Orbit

      Thank you again Lita Kino and The Anime Analyst for the nomination. Make sure to check them out as well as the nominees I listed here, they have really great blogs!

      Questions For The Nominees
      1. What do you enjoy writing about the most?
      2. A show that has impacted you?
      3. Your favorite place to visit?


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