Anime Challenge Day 8: Most Epic Anime Scene

Hey everyone!

I want to first say I’m so sorry for lack of posting, midterms end tomorrow so I’ve been studying day in and day out, but I promise regular postings will resume Thursday!

You know, first I was going to write about an “actual” epic scene in anime, but I decided it would be best to go with my gut feeling which is a tad bit more humorous; the Death Note chip scene. This series was filled with so many mind boggling scenes that were without-a-doubt epic, but this scene sticks out so vividly to me. Light is definitely on his decline in terms of sanity, but getting more and more intelligent and powerful at the same time. He’s so fixated on deceiving L that he finds such joy in merely eating chips that have a mini TV hiding inside and writing names in the Death Note. I mean, hey, great for you and your deceiving buddy, but you’re literally on the verge of insanity here.


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