Don’t be That Guy: Japanese Language Class Edition

Hey everyone!

So I’m about a month into the new semester and I must say, Japanese 1 is entirely kicking my ass. Thankfully over summer I mastered Hiragana and Katakana, but the grammar is so hard for me to grasp! A part of this is due to the chaos in our classroom caused by some lovely students. This may seem a little ranty, but seriously, if you’re thinking of taking Japanese classes at all, don’t be this guy.

  1. The, I’m sitting in the front row (nothing wrong with that) but I’m talking so loud that I drown out the voice of the teacher for the rest of the class.1wordpress No, I do not care about your separate Instagram account or your new shoes, I came here to learn Japanese!
  2. I’m Self-taught for a year now, so I’m qualified to try and correct the teacher.fNWBfeEI’m sorry, but I believe there is only one born and raised in Tokyo in this classroom, and I’m sure as hell it’s not you.
  3. I’m Self-taught so I’m going to ask questions that we haven’t covered to show off. tumblr_nucchvsW5Z1upis07o1_500No, we have not learned how to speak extremely casually, nor have we learned any of that vocabulary you’re speaking of. This got to the point where our teacher had to tell her to only ask questions at the end of class, because she was wasting so much of our class time with this nonsense.
  4. The, “I watch anime and that is not how they worded it” guy.giphyYes, I watch anime too, they probably didn’t word it like that because 9 times out of 10 probably aren’t using formal Japanese in One Piece. You wouldn’t learn formal English from watching Spongebob, would you?? Words and phrases here and there, but not the language you’d use with a boss. I have a love for anime too, but this is Japanese class, not anime class.
  5. The, “I’m just doing this for a language credit, so who cares” guy.tumblr_inline_nc7hxjPckc1s6lw3tYes, I know you have to put in two whole semesters of your time in a language to graduate and it seems like a drag to you, but there are some of us who are incredibly interested in learning the language and even have this as their minor, so try to be involved just a little bit. My partner never wants to do the speaking exchange portion with me, but I need to so I can fully understand the concepts, so it sets me back quite a bit. Think about the whole, not the individual!That’s it for today! I love learning Japanese but class would be much more enjoyable without these types of people. Though it’s inevitable and someone like this will most likely be in your class, don’t be this guy. See ya later!

12 thoughts on “Don’t be That Guy: Japanese Language Class Edition

  1. Nice Animations/gifs used to illustrate your points (:

    With the number of crazy anime fans these days, I guess it’s no surprise that people use at as a example for ‘correct Japanese’, which is generally a bad idea. Though of course real-life experience is the best model, I think Japanese dramas are generally more useful than Anime.

    If you don’t mind a shameless plug, please consider checking out my blog which has a bunch of posts on Grammar and other stuff. Also if you have any grammar questions feel free to ask me and I’ll do a detailed, research post about it.

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