Anime Challenge Day 5: Anime Character You Feel You’re Most Like

Hey everyone!

This was so frustrating because even though I could name characters I look like or would want to be like, I really wanted to know which character I’m most like! Then, I got a text from my friend who’s catching up on Noragami and he said, “Alexa I swear Kofuku is you in anime form.” Talk about good timing, right?

Kofuku is extremely bubbly and has a vibe that just makes the people around her happy. She is carefree, and sort of ditzy, but she’s also willing to go out of her way for those close to her andtumblr_n1guhyY2mm1s103ldo5_r1_500 isn’t afraid of anyone or thing. Kofuku is the god of poverty and brings unfortunate events to those around her, so while I’m definitely not like her in that sense, I do see how our personalities compare. I’m generally always happy, and even if I’m not I’m making the people around me smile or laugh somehow. I live life as it comes, and of course mess up a few times from my occasional lack of common sense. Overall, we have a lot of similarities; I wouldn’t say we’re exactly alike, but it’s close enough for me.


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