Anime Challenge Day 7: Favorite Anime Couple

Hey everyone!

The problem with this is that every couple that passed through my head was only in a manga and never made it to an anime adaptation; so when all else fails, you go with the classics. Kushina and Minato’s relationship from Naruto Shippuden gave me some serious “aw” moments, and it was really touching to see Naruto meet them both for the first time after watching the series for so many years. First love-only naruto-minato-and-kushina-olove seems to be a common theme in anime, and while it’s not my favorite, I guess it does work in this case given the fact they lived in a small village. Watching them as kids on the same team to living together, becoming hokage and having a child were really heart-felt, and I honestly wish that instead of random mission fillers we got fillers of their relationship and past. I grew to really enjoy these characters in the few episodes we saw them in, so it made me a bit disappointed (in a sad way) when their flashbacks ended with sacrificing their lives for Naruto, but we wouldn’t have gotten the whole series we did without Naruto’s loneliness would we?large (1)


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