The Anime Analyst Nominated Me For The Real Neat Blogger Award!

Hey everyone!

Zaktaku from The Anime Analyst was kind enough to nominate me for this award, so thank you! I really appreciate it ūüôā¬†real-neat-blog-award

The Rules

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    1. You are trapped on a tropical island, and must make it to land. Which 5 anime characters would be stranded with you to help?
      Oh god, okay, so Armin from AOT, because he’s smart as hell, Sai from Naruto Shippuden because he could just draw us a bird to leave with Armin’s said plan, Yukine from Noragami because he’s comedic relief for everyone, Brock from Pokemon because he’s somehow able to make delicious food appear out of no where, and Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist to lead everyone and make fires for us.
    2. What is your absolute favorite anime, and why?
      This honestly changes all the time, but overall I’d say Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The characters are fleshed out, the plot is incredibly interesting and keeps you wanting more, and the overall concept is just intriguing to me lol.
    3. If you went to sleep, and when you woke up, found yourself in an anime, which anime would you be in? Which anime would you NOT want to be in?
      Uhh…I’d probably want to wake up in Nagi no Asukara, I love the water and being able to live half in the sea and half on land would be pretty cool. Hibernating for ten years…not so much, but you win some and you lose some, right? I’d definitely NOT want to wake up in Attack on Titan, hell no. The idea seems cool and all but I’d be titan food in like 30 seconds.
    4. What is your absolute dream job?
      Dream job would probably be working as an ALT in Japan. I love teaching and I think my personality suits it really well, and I love Japanese culture sooo, win-win.
    5. You and your arch rival are to duel to the death tomorrow. What weapon will you use in your fight? Can be from any media.
      I’d bring a sword because I have tiny arms so I wouldn’t have to worry about that, plus swords seem to get things done pretty efficiently so it seems promising.
    6. Which real life person would you want to see in an anime?
      Me, I want to see me in an anime. xD
    7. If your life was an anime, what genre would you want it to be?
      Oh god, probably supernatural/slice of life. So I could gracefully run to school with toast in my mouth and potentially fight off some demons or something too. They’ll call me the all-seeing toast girl.


  • Lita Kino Anime Reviews
  • Just Something About Lyn Lyn
  • Kuro Sama Reviews
  • Wanimu
  • The Limitless Imagination
  • MangaOtakuu

    Questions For Nominees
    1. What was the first anime you watched?
    2. If you were in the Avatar world, would you want to be an earth, fire, water, or air bender?
    3. If you could take one anime cliche and have it become a normal real-life occurrence, what would it be (some examples include my points in “If Anime Were Real Life”)?
    4. You have to pick to live in a world of Shojo/Tragedy or Horror/Psychological, which do you choose and why?
    5. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander?
    6. Your least favorite TV show or anime?
    7. You can either read manga or watch anime for the rest of your life, which do you choose and why?

    Okay, that’s it! Thank you again Zachary for nominating me, this was really fun to do! Make sure to check out his blog and the nominees I listed and watch out for their posts as well, see ya later!


Kuro Sama Reviews Nominated Me For the Infinity Dreams Award!

Hey everyone!

I first want to say thank you to Kuro Sama Reviews for nominating me! She is a new blogger but does some incredible reviews for all your anime, movie, and TV show needs! I can tell she definitely loves blogging, so make sure to check her out!

infinityLe Rulz

‚ÄĘList seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)

‚ÄĘNominate seven other bloggers for this award and notify them.

  1. Successfully budget my money and time for the next year and a half to do study abroad in Japan.
  2. Travel! I want to see everything I’ve spent hours awe-ing over online and experience them in person.
  3. Post more to my blog. Lately I’ve been doing weekly posts because of school, but I’d love to post three times a week.
  4. Appreciate the learning process of art. I’m so hung up on “finding my style” that it makes me not want to pick up a pencil at all. I have to accept the process!
  5. Rack up the courage to find a language exchange partner. There are so many sites to do this but I feel like I’d be really awkward and shy.
  6. Watch the northern lights. I’ve always wanted to see them, I feel like the perfect spot would be just chilling on a mountain top or something haha.
  7. Turn my “” to a “.com” one day. I’d love to have my own website and have the coolest nerdy community on it ūüôā

    Since I have done this award and nominated others before, and am also out of people I follow that haven’t done it, I want to say a big thank you again to Kuro Sama for nominating me! I have another award post coming soon and am thinking of starting the 30 day anime challenge, so stay tuned!

Don’t be That Guy: Japanese Language Class Edition

Hey everyone!

So I’m about a month into the new semester and I must say, Japanese 1 is entirely kicking my ass. Thankfully over summer I mastered Hiragana and Katakana, but the grammar is so hard for me to grasp! A part of this is due to the chaos in our classroom caused by some lovely students. This may seem a little ranty, but seriously, if you’re thinking of taking Japanese classes at all, don’t be this guy.

  1. The, I’m sitting in the front row (nothing wrong with that) but I’m talking so loud that I drown out the voice of the teacher for the rest of the class.1wordpress No, I do not care about your separate Instagram account or your new shoes, I came here to learn Japanese!
  2. I’m Self-taught for a year now, so I’m qualified to try and correct the teacher.fNWBfeEI’m sorry, but I believe there is only one born and raised in Tokyo in this classroom, and I’m sure as hell it’s not you.
  3. I’m Self-taught¬†so I’m going to¬†ask questions that we haven’t covered¬†to show off.¬†tumblr_nucchvsW5Z1upis07o1_500No, we have not learned how¬†to speak extremely¬†casually,¬†nor have we learned any of that vocabulary you’re speaking of. This¬†got to the point where our teacher had to tell her to only ask questions at the end of class, because she was wasting so much of our class time with this nonsense.
  4. The, “I watch anime and that is not how they worded it” guy.giphyYes, I watch anime too, they probably didn’t word it like that because 9 times out of 10 probably aren’t using formal Japanese in One Piece. You wouldn’t learn formal English from watching Spongebob, would you?? Words and phrases here and there, but not the language you’d use with a boss. I have a love for anime too, but this is Japanese class, not anime class.
  5. The, “I’m just doing this for a language credit, so who cares” guy.tumblr_inline_nc7hxjPckc1s6lw3tYes, I know you have to put in two whole semesters of your time in a language to graduate and it seems like a drag to you, but there are some of us who are incredibly interested in learning the language and even have this as their minor, so try to be involved just a little bit. My partner never wants to do the speaking exchange portion with me, but I need to so I can fully understand the concepts, so it sets me back quite a bit. Think about the whole, not the individual!That’s it for today! I love learning Japanese but class would be much more enjoyable without these types of people. Though it’s inevitable and someone like this will most likely be in your class, don’t be this guy. See ya later!

5 Anime That Have The Best Openings

Hey everyone!

So, a few weeks ago a new teaser for Noragami Aragoto (Season 2) was released, and a preview of the opening theme was shown too! It sounded so great that I thought I would talk about the anime I have watched that I think have the best opening songs. These are also in no particular order, but rather what comes to mind! I have also added a link to each of my “Top Picks” if you haven’t heard them before!

  • Death Note
    Top Pick:¬†“What’s up, People?” by Maximum and Hormone (Season 2)
    This may be an unpopular opinion,¬†but the J-Rock theme going on for Death Note fits so well and sounds downright amazing to me. The openings do a great job of portraying what’s going on in the show, as it mentions, “An evil flower that sprouted from love, with everything that will happen I can’t let anyone interfere with it.” This really goes with the battle that Light is facing, and as most anime optumblr_ms6ygnZawO1sg85e5o1_500enings try to incorporate the events going on with the opening, I think the tone set by the artist really hits home for Death Note.
  • Naruto (Pre-Shippuden)
    Top Pick: Youth’s Rhapsody- Sambomaster (Season 6)
    I really enjoy the Naruto openings, partly because they bring me back to my younger years but also because of the progress you hear in them over time. The first Naruto opening almost sounds old-schoolish? But then we’re hit with Far Away, Youth’s Rhapsody, Wave Wind Satellite, and Yura Yura, and everything in-between! The one thing I remember about watching the original Naruto was never, ever skipping the intro. Perhaps because the show was such a hit they put more effort into who sang the openings, because they’re pretty much flawless.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Top Pick: “Again” by Yui (Season 1)
    Though the anime original of Fullmetal had great openings as well, the Brotherhood openings are just a tad bit catchier, to the point where I have “Again” by Yui in almost all of my music playlists and play it frequently in my car. The openings correlated with the mood of the story as it progressed 60d94e5fb9520501c00ef5eb71b414e9very nicely, and unless I was distraught from a cliffhanger, I never skipped these openings.
  • Noragami
    Top Pick: “Hey Fury Kids” by The Oral Cigarettes (Season 2)
    Because the full opening of the second season isn’t available yet, I was hesitant to put “Hey Fury Kids” as my top pick, but I have replayed the teaser so many times that I know there’s no way I’ll be disappointed when it’s released. “Hello Sleepwalkers” is also incredibly catchy with lyrics that correlate with the story, and is also on almost all of my playlists. The Oral Cigarettes have a really unique sound, and as a fan of J-Rock I know they will make it a memorable opening.
  • ¬†Sailor Moon Crystal
    Top Pick (Only Opening): “Moon Pride” by Momoiro Clover Z
    I had high hopes for the new Sailor Moon opening, because in my little nostalgic heart I thought nothing could compare to my fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight, but sailor_moon_crystal_gif_4_by_ng9-d7ld3vuthis opening really did it’s job for the reboot. The reboot had a more mature theme, and since it wasn’t butchered by 4Kids, this opening song really paired nicely with it, making it seem more like a magical kick-ass girl with a feminine feel than a censored love story like its original English counterpart.

    That’s all for today! Openings are something I really enjoy because they give me a feel for what the series will be like. What are your favorites?

If Real Life was Like Anime…

People could cry and blush on demand

-Looks in my direction- *blush*
-Gives me a present- *tears up with happiness*e1194f2600022ae76159d575fef7fa9e
I’m actually really thankful this doesn’t happen in real life because I think I’d annoy the hell out of myself, “WHAT AM I FEELING RIGHT NOW?!”

Everything Would happen on a roof

Want to confess? Go to the roof. Want to eat lunch? Only on the roof! Want to get away from someone? Bad choice, BECAUSE EVERYONE’S ON THE ROOF.1401460753-0

High School relationships would be hella complicated…

Tristan likes me, but I’ve secretly loved Josh since sixth grade…but Josh is going out with Leila, and Leila is my best friend, and Sammy likes Tristan, but Tristan likes me!!!!¬†42d48789af5b9fc98f78431cbf73eab4

And Middle School relationships wouldn’t be a joke?

It seems like these 12/13 year olds are having more serious relationships than half the people I went to high school with. ENJOY YOUR SINGLE YOUTHtumblr_nrzu6j60BR1thnj50o1_500

Cats would just magically appear in boxes on my way home from school.

Have an unwanted cat? No problem! Just throw em’ in a box on a street that’s always populated, and a student will take them under their wing! Also, the cats magically stay in the same spot everyday, they’re not curious about life outside the cardboard walls at all.¬†7ILh93o
What else would you add to this list? Let me know! ūüôā

The Anime Analyst Nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award!

Hello everybody!


First off, thank you Zaktaku from The Anime Analyst for nominating me for¬†Creative Blogger Award! He’s definitely a creative blogger and does some really in depth anime reviews and pretty much all topics under the anime umbrella. So,¬†thank you again for the nomination! Lets get into the rules ūüôā


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 ‚Äď 20 bloggers and add their links.
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  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!Facts About Meh

    1. When I was about five or so, I used to pack myself sandwiches in the morning and tell my mom I was going off on my Pok√©mon adventure. I’d end up coming back hours later with the disappointing news that I never found any Pok√©mon. xD
    2. I’m basically a White mutt (Hungarian, Italian, German, Irish) but everyone outside of my family assumes I’m Hispanic for some reason. I feel terrible when someone is asking me something but I can’t understand Spanish D:
    3. When I was in the fifth grade I had a cute little beta fish that my little sister would feed for me while I was at school. One day I came home and my fish had literally exploded, the reason? My sister decided my two inch beta fish needed the whole bottle of fish food to survive that day. RIP Cloudy.
    4. I love watching drag races at the track, I even spent this year’s Valentine’s Day watching muscle cars going 200mph down a quarter mile strip.
    5. I have this problem of binge-watching anime on Netflix. The sad part is Netflix doesn’t even have that many great anime titles to chose from, but do I care? Nope. I just watch away, because even if it’s terrible my curiosity gets the best of me.


    I’m not sure I’ll be able to get 15 without nominating someone who has already been nominated, but I’ll do my best.
    Akko Anime

Update: I originally had 8 on here but they had been nominated already and did their post….I tried.

Study Abroad: Filling Out the Application Early

Hey everyone!

Since the Fall semester has just started at my University, I have seen numerous posts about students leaving in the coming days for study abroad, and the summer attendees being welcomed home. This inspired me to meet with the Office of International Programs at my school to see when I should start filling out the application for my Spring 2017 study abroad in Japan. Their response? By this November! I was really shocked by this because I had no idea the slots for Japanese exchange would fill up so quickly, but she assured me they usually fill up about nine months to a year in advance.

The earlier you decide to study abroad, the better. I’m giving myself a little less than a year and a half so that I have¬†ample time to prepare and save money for it. However, the biggest part of this process is the application stage! Sometimes you may need references or an official transcript in order for your application to be eligible, and those are documents that take weeks to get ahold of.


Another¬†piece of information that surprised me was the cost of filling out an application, which is why most people hold off on it. For me, just to turn in the¬†application costs $200, however this is a small price to pay to potentially secure your spot for a semester that’ll cost you around 10 thousand dollars (without tuition). The mistake people make here is waiting until the semester before study abroad when they are certain they have the rest of the funds to go, but at that point have already lost a seat for exchange and now have to wait for someone to back out, which is extremely disappointing after all the months of hard work put in!

For those who may have already been aware of the lengthy application process and cost, there is still one very important reason to fill out the application early, and that’s for scholarships. Filling it out¬†early means receiving a response early, and you’ll need that document in order to apply for scholarships that will take the financial stress off your shoulders. In my scholarship search for students wishing to study in Japan, I have found a few that start in the Spring that are eligible for a year from that date (since Japanese schools start in Spring). This is important for those studying for a Spring semester because it means you have to apply for that scholarship a year in advance to receive it.


That’s it! I hope any of you that wish to study abroad in the future find this useful, I plan on doing a series of posts on how I am preparing for study abroad, so keep an eye out ūüôā

Drawing Anime and Manga is not “Real” Art?

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about something that hits close to home for me being someone who loves to create and draw, and mostly draw in an anime/manga style 70% of the time. If you’ve ever browsed Deviant Art or have taken an art class, you know that there are plenty of people who will criticize the manga style (or the people drawing it) as “ugly, unrealistic, talentless,” and perhaps even a “disgrace to artists.” I’m going to be listing some common comments/insults made about the art form followed with why these points make little to no sense, so without further adieu, let’s begin!

  1. It’s unrealistic looking. ¬†This is true to a degree, however I don’t see these people ripping on abstract or cubism artwork for looking unrealistic. Shit, at least in manga the people are decently proportioned with some exaggeration for certain features. Even with eyes that take up a quarter of their face or breasts that may in fact make you fall over here and there, they look like people!
    11-cubism_Picasso_Woman-Playing-Mandolin¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† futaba_yoshioka_by_sophierawwr-d7xw49fBut I mean, the left looks TOTALLY real, doesn’t it? This may be an extreme example, but the cubism piece will be generally praised for the artistic thinking and construction of the piece, while the right will be insulted and disregarded? Please.
  2. It requires no talent. This gets on my nerves because all art requires talent. Drawing in manga style or not, you have to get the face shape at the right angle, the detail of wrinkles and folds in the clothing, the shading on the whole piece, and so many other details just right so it comes together. Disregarding these efforts simply because manga simplifies features such as the nose or other small details does not mean the artist should be discredited for the other hours of work put into their drawing.
  3. People who draw anime and manga characters cannot draw anything else.¬†This is a mere assumption that really has no substance to back it up. Each and every person can chose what they want to draw, if they only want to draw in an anime style, cool; if they draw in many styles but always go back to anime, great; and if they don’t draw anime altogether, that’s great too! I don’t see why what style someone feels like drawing in brings about so much hate and assumptions about their creative talents and abilities. ¬†Just because someone generally draws in an anime-like style, does not mean they’re stuck there forever either. They can learn other styles just like anyone else. Hell, look at Mark Crilley, an extremely successful comic book creator. He can go from manga to realistic to American comic style in a matter of seconds! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover people!
    Okay, end of rant. I didn’t want to make this post extremely long so I’m leaving it at three, but these are the main points people generally make. I hope one day people can learn to respect everyones creative talents! At the end of the day, we’re all artists and have our own taste, so lets not put each other down.

What Can I Do With a Minor in Japanese?

Hey everyone!

So today I’m tackling a subject that I’ve been pestered about by family when they find out I’m minoring in Japanese, and it’s, “Just what¬†can you do with it?” I want to start off by making this clear, no matter what major or minor you chose, it’s not the degree that’s getting you the job, but rather your skills, internships, and relevant work experience that makes you stand out above the rest. A degree is simply recognizing your education, but will not be enough on it’s own.¬†Basically, do not expect to land any job just because you have a Japanese minor, your minor will be relevant if you can back it up with a decent Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), or maybe even some study abroad or work experience within Japan or with a Japanese company. So, without any more blabbering, here are some job and career paths you can follow after building your resume.

1. Working as an ALT: This is by far the most common route taken by those who have studied Japanese. Many programs, like JET or Interac, will send you to Japan for at least one academic year, where you will teach English to kids at the elementary, middle, or high school level. You don’t need to know Japanese for this program, but it’s definitely a plus.
2. Translation/Interpretation: These jobs can be acquired in your home country or in Japan, as both will need people to translate from Japanese to English for many things such as documents, manga, or as a proofreader/editor for things that have been translated into English. You could work for translating companies, or even ones such as Funimation that bring anime over that need to be subtitled and later dubbed.
3. Japanese Embassy: A job a bit higher up, but of course obtainable. You will need¬†to be fluent in Japanese for these jobs, but it’s a great place to go after you have built up your language ability by being in the country.
4. Working for a company with a hub in Japan: Companies like Coca Cola, American Express, and many others have locations all around the world. This could be a good opportunity to use both your major and minor, because you will most likely have to fill a specific role along with speaking Japanese, such as being a marketer who is bilingual.
5. Government Jobs: The government is in need of those who are bilingual, so your language skills will always be valuable to them. There are a variety of jobs available, and you can also land a specific role by using both your major and minor. In the U.S. there are also opportunities with the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, etc, that can get you stationed in Japan.
6. Flight Attendant: This is a great opportunity to use your Japanese skills, and you’ll get to fly to Japan and get paid for it.¬†This occupation does not require a degree, but looks better if you do and can¬†show you¬†possess the skills to talk with diverse people and be able to live and adapt to your surroundings. Your language ability will be an asset to the airline, and they will most likely transition your flights to go to and from Japan over time.
7. Customer Service: Companies with international customers such as banks, or amusement parks such as Disney, need people who are bilingual. You can use your Japanese ability to talk with natives who are having troubles with the service your company provides, or help schedule their itinerary for their trip.

So that’s it! I hope those of you who are Majoring or Minoring in Japanese or were thinking about it found this useful. Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged by those around you! Being bilingual is an amazing asset and there are endless possibilities with it, you never know where one of these jobs can take you unless you try!tumblr_n2xlh9b2eX1tobu9ko1_400

Jiraiyan Nominated Me for the Infinity Dream Award!

Hey everyone!

Jiraiyan from Otaku Orbit nominated me for the Infinity Dream Award, where I am to list seven dreams/goals and then nominate seven blogs to participate. I thought this came at just the right time because the Fall semester of University just started and I am seriously struggling when it comes to choosing between following a dream or pursuing a path of “security.” I think writing down your true intentions and wishes makes them real to someone who is having a hard time, and makes the decision just a bit easier. So with that said, thank you, Jiraiyan, for this nomination!

  1. Teach English abroad through the JET Program- This is something that would incorporate both my love for teaching and Japanese culture by placing me in a rural town as an assistant language teacher at public schools.
  2. Study abroad at Kansai Gaidai- My school has an exchange set up with Kansai Gaidai, which is located in Hirakata, Japan. My goal is to study for a semester Spring 2017, but that means I need to start saving right now!
  3. Be more of an early riser.
  4. Take my art seriously and work on it bit by bit everyday instead of once a week.
  5. Become licensed to teach at the secondary level for Social Science. Teachers get a bad rep but I have wanted to teach since I was a little girl and plan to at least get licensed so that I could pursue it if I wanted to.
  6. Improve my Photoshop and Illustration skills to be able to create great digital images, or be able to freelance in Graphic Design.
  7. Successfully craft using resin and other materials. I have just gotten into resin crafting recently and enjoy it so much. My pieces don’t look like masterpieces by any means, but I don’t want that to¬†discourage me from continuing to practice.Any dream is obtainable¬†if the work is put in over time; Rome was not built in a day! I am not doing a formal nomination, because I feel like this is something that could help anyone, even if they think they have everything figured out. So if you’re reading this and feel drawn to doing it, I nominate you!