Anime Challenge Day 3: Your Anime Crush

Hey everyone!

I don’t think there has ever been a series that I didn’t cling on to one male character more than all the rest, and it’s hard to chose between my beloved Levi and Yukine but…I think I’d have to embfd1219e286ac416cf14158ac40bff006race the cougar within me and go with Yukine from Noragami (hence my blog header). His character really pissed me off in the beginning, but I can’t get over his design and how much he grows in just 12 episodes, let alone the rest of the manga. He’s lovable, funny, loyal, and has the cutest little beanie; I can’t take it! Actually, when I went to Anime Expo this past summer in Los Angeles, I scoured all of artist alley for Yukine fan-art with little luck and ended up asking people for commissions of him. So, I’m sorry Levi, but Yukine wins this round; I’m sure you’ll come up in this 30 day challenge again ❤  tumblr_mzasoiQIpk1to21edo1_r1_500


6 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 3: Your Anime Crush

  1. Tyler Junky

    My wifeu is Konata from lucky star. Because she is as geeky as I am. I know in the original anime she’s not sexy at all but man does she look beautiful in fan art and some hentai doujinshis I’ve found.

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